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WARRIOR - Laura Vinson

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Laura Vinson is born and raised in the shadows of the Canadian Rocky Mountains near Jasper National Park. Her Métis heritage is Cherokee Cree English and French. Vinson makes it an effort to tell her audience about her roots growing up as a Métis, daughter of a trapper in the heart of the Rocky Mountains and the life of the North American Indians and their traditions. 


WARRIOR, in 2015 nominated by the Canadian Folk Music Awards in de category "Best Aboriginal Songwriter of the Year" is the fifth album of Laura Vinson and Free Spirit since Vinson decided to dedicate the rest of her career to her native roots. 


Before this career move she was a very successful and award winning Country Music Artist in West Canada. WARRIOR tells in a unique way about the roots of Laura Vinson. It is a mix between the Metis cowboys and Native American storytellers. Historical figures got a nice spot on this album which is a combination between heart-warming stories, a merry jig and sometimes a true history. 


Laura Vinson and her Band Free Spirit take the listener with her to the foot of the Rocky Mountains where she grew up and tells her stories as if you are sitting together at the campfire.




- Mountain Métis

- New Star

- We Were Always Here

- Diamond Hitches

- Mountain Girl

- Charlotte Small

- Warrior

- Sacagawea

- Ancestors Calling

- Tete Jaune

- Meegwitch

- Leavin

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