Your Heart is my Heart Too - Myrol

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After extensive tours all over the world Joanne and Haley Myrol have decided to make music their livelihood together. Two country, rockin' galls, mother and daughter who named their duo MYROL after their last name, released their first duo album in Europe even before the official release in Canada. They have that special blend of harmonies that can really only be found in families.


Joanne Myrol is no stranger to the Canadian music scene. She co-wrote songs and performed together with Fred J. Eaglesmith among many others. Joanne and Haley played for VIP's such as Prince Edward of England and Prince Albert of Monaco.


The first duo album "Your Heart Is My Heart Too" is partly dedicated to the Canadian family life. Although some songs still have a real country music feel in them, the other songs get close to rock and roots. MYROL can be no better described than Canadiana (rather than Americana). Original, high quality lyrics and a forcing band behind them makes this album easy to listen to for a wide range of audience.


The title of the album "Your Heart Is My Heart Too" is a line from the first song on the disc "Mother Daughter" it tells the listener the beauty of family ties. 



"Pure Canadian country!  Songwriting and smooth vocals make this album a pleasure to listen to. Kudos..!" Terri Clark


"Joanne Myrol  is a singer of unusual charisma. I have performed on the same bill with  literally hundreds of singers and players. Everyone who dares get up in  front of an audience deserves respect for trying, but few actually reach  out to the hearts and feelings of listeners. This is what I refer to as  charisma. I have performed on the same bill with Joanne Myrol. This  woman is a fine interpreter of a melody, and I'm sure will go on to  become a well recognized voice in Canadian Country and Pop cross-over  radio." - Valdy (Valdemar Horsdal)



01. Mother Daughter

02. It Don't Work That Way

03. You Made Me Hard

04. Summer

05. Somewhere Inside

06. Southrailway & Second Street

07. Paper Thin Walls

08. Quintessential Cowboy

09. If Hearts Could Really Be Broken

10. Hoadley Road

11. The Beat Goes On

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